Euro Chemical Scientific (ECS) Ltd is a leading chemical distributor. We specialize in sourcing and supplying chemicals and products globally that includes measurement/analysis instrumentation and contract chemical manufacturing needs.

We adhere to strict professionalism and excellent customer service. Our vision, unrivalled quality of products and services along with the dedicated team is what makes ECS achieve its goal of offering the best product and the customer satisfaction. We are committed in our continuous growth and improvement and that of our clients. We supply high quality bespoke products to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our strong presence in the worldwide chemical sector also makes us an excellent supplier for your chemical, measurement/analysis instrumentation and contract chemical manufacturing needs.

ECS is an UK based company with its headquarter based in Birmingham, the second largest city of the United Kingdom. Our purpose is to serve diverse markets and supply large range of chemicals and instrumentations alongside offering a wide range of low toxicity and environmental friendly solutions for the need of your company.

We source our raw materials in bulk supplies from across the globe and repack them into sizes suitable for our clients.

We specialize in every size small to big as well as barrels and up to pallet loads of bags/multiple bags. We specialize in bulk orders too.

We excel in continuous supply of chemicals and instrumentations worldwide. Environmental consciousness is a strategic instrument for our continuous growth and development of our products and services. The company follows this principle along with expert knowledge to create a better sustainable future. We handpick our suppliers and procure materials very carefully based solely on their quality. The company offers unparalleled supply of high quality chemicals and excellent performance products most competitively priced. We are also more than happy to work with our clients and provide them with any bespoke chemical or product for their specific application usage.

Why Choose Us

ECS is a very customer friendly company and believes in building quality long relationship with our clients by providing exceptional customer service that you can trust and rely upon.

We build our excellent customer rapport by supplying the best quality and most innovative technologically advanced products. Wide range of products and an impeccable quality assurance means we are there to provide you the best products for the growth of your company. We hope that you will find from us all the chemicals to support your trade and business. We aim to source as much as possible but if there is any product you cant find online on our website then please drop us an email or call us and we will do our best to get it for you as we work with a wide range of internationally renowned manufacturers.

Our Operational Standards

Through our Quality Management System, we are able to monitor the quality of the service we provide.

Monitoring the quality of our service helps us to maintain, improve and develop our business. Competent Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd staff will ensure that policies and procedures are adhered too and will carry out regular audits of Quality Management System. The implementation of corrective action, whether from internal audits, management reviews or Customer feedback, is seen as a vital part of the continuous improvement process. We are committed to the on-going training and development of our staff, in order to enable them to carry out their tasks competently & safely. We continuously monitor and review the training needs of our staff and review their progress as part of the annual staff appraisal process.

Business Ethics

Health and Safety awareness is of key importance at Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd.

Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd operates on the principle that products offered should be tailored to the client’s requirements whilst services and interactions should have an unparalleled level of personalization.  From developing chemicals in our industry approved laboratory, manufacturing, to storage in our secure warehouses and transportation. Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd has been building strong connections with governments in chosen target markets. It leads the company to further its business interests in the process by showing extreme respect for the local laws and traditions of the respective territory. This is the fundamental reason why Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd operates via an extensive network of handpicked ground based representatives in local territories around the world. Thus it enables us to give our clients a prompt, professional response, reduced lead times, expert technical know-how and excellent post-sales support.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Our highly well organized logistics and supply chain keeps us at pace with the ever-increasing demands of the global trade.

We have a worldwide reach to ensure steady flow of all products at all seasons to all markets globally. Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd as a business highly acknowledges the importance of logistics and supply chain. We aim to supply the products in the timely and efficient manner through our transit hubs in exact labeling and packaging as desired by our client. Our passion for excellence guarantees robust and most reliable service to make the products reach the businesses as and when they require. We guarantee that the chemicals will reach to you in the timely manner as and when you need it. We are very quick and spontaneous with our responses and communications. We deliver what we promise and create a positive response. We measure our success by the success of our clients and our suppliers and aim for a mutual success.

Quality policy

It is the policy of Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd to provide a level of service that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.

All our incoming products are stringently checked for its quality assurance and we always promise our products superior quality and consistency. The company aims at building and maintaining long-term relationships with its clienteles by delivering an impeccable and specialized professional customer service. Since quality is embraced in all aspects of our work and has been one of the founding beliefs of our business, the quality and attention to detail given during customer service makes Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd the preferred choice of its clients worldwide. Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd aims to supply for its customers’ businesses the products of the highest standards from some of the biggest chemical and measurement/analysis instrumentation manufacturers in the world along with fully confidential and efficient contract manufacturing of chemicals.

We give utmost importance to quality at all aspects of our business. From supplier and product selection, through the supply chain, choice of logistics providers, packaging and labeling, to customer service and after sales care, the one of our main focus is on quality. Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd strives towards constant development at all levels and across all functions of the company by conducting various development and training programs for its staff to maximize their potential and performance. It is in the heart of Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd to provide a level of service that surpasses our client’s hopes.

Our processes are strategized, rationalized, implemented and sustained to suit the needs of our clients. The Quality Objectives will encompass:

  • Developing a greater understanding of the client requirements
  • Supplying products and services that meet clients needs
  • Regularly educating and training employees in quality issues
  • Setting clear objectives of quality performance and regularly monitoring progress against them
  • Designing service standards, measuring and analyzing them so as to continually improve all processes
  • Setting targets and objectives and regularly reviewing so to ensure continual improvement in all areas of our Total Quality Management System
  • Encouraging customer feedback and taking action towards continuous improvement of our customer offerings
  • Selecting carefully all suppliers who are able to meet business requirements and objectives hence providing the best of services to the clients
  • Encouraging high quality standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • Functioning us on being your leading choice for chemical supplies, measuring and analytical instrumentations alongside building a long-term relation with the clients.

Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd lays a strong emphasis on safety and quality. We are proud to claim that we source our chemicals and products from around the globe from the best manufacturers. We work closely with our suppliers and ensure that our clients receive the highest quality chemicals and products giving utmost attention to detail. This Quality Policy is publically available upon request and will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.