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Euro Chemical Scientific (ECS) Ltd is an UK based company that is a solution provider and a global distributor of specialised chemicals used in various sectors along with specializing in supplying various measurement/analysis instrumentations. ECS is an expert in locating chemicals with a worldwide access of materials and supplying them to extensive amounts of industries via its efficient logistics & supply chain. Our expertise in the global chemical market makes us an excellent choice also for your need of contract chemical manufacturing. Our huge portfolio of products ensures that we have all that is required for your business.    

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ECS is a very customer friendly company and believes in building quality long relationship with our
 clients by providing exceptional customer service that you can trust and rely upon.  

Operational Standards  

Through our Quality Management System, we are able to monitor the quality of the service we provide. Monitoring the quality of our service helps us to maintain, improve and develop our business.  


Business Ethics

Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd operates on the principle that products offered should be tailored to the client's requirements whilst services and interactions should have an unparalleled level of personalization.  


Quality policy

It is the policy of Euro Chemical Scientific Ltd to provide a level of service that meets our customer's
expectations. All our incoming products are stringently checked for its quality assurance and consistency.


Logistics & Supply Chain

Our well organized logistics and supply chain keeps us at pace with the ever-increasing demands of the global trade. We have a worldwide reach to ensure steady flow of all products at all seasons to all markets globally.  


We provide exceptional products and services that you can trust and rely upon.


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